BISHA Start a New Chapter

11th January 2021

We are delighted to share, the new BISHA re-brand and logo, with you, which was informally unveiled at our annual general meeting recently and has been a work in progress since the initial idea to refresh our sport’s branding. There has been some great work by the marketing team with a lot of creative discussion and a good few initial concepts. This was ultimately supported with professional input and design.We now feel we have a strong brand and logo which represents our sport and membership whilst also being striking and unique in comparison to other hockey organisation. The new branding is based upon a colourful Lion head which represents family and pride, a core value of BISHA and a unanimous key theme from the stakeholder survey feedback. It represents the professionalism and respect values which we have been working towards and it is clear the membership wants from us. This also captures the unique, fast, dynamic, skillful, tough sport through the bold and iconic font used. Finally the shield represents the proud history of the sport and our association.We feel this has the potential to be a real emblem of Skater Hockey that will resonate with our membership and mark the step change in our organisation. It is also timely with the coming of the new year (and season), the exciting venture of marketing and hosting the U19 European Championships and recent AGM success.