New National TD Appointment

26th July 2020

We would like to welcome our New National TD Will Osborne.

The BISHA board are delighted to provide Will this opportunity. This is an appointment to underline our intent to attract individuals who possess a drive and passion to move the New BISHA forward. Will has a good knowledge of the BISHA calendar, he is highly regarded as one of our leading officials and has an established network of connections with other IISHF nations. We are looking forward to Will joining the board with fresh thinking and ideas to implement, which will further improve our national game.

Will has said:

"I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to take on this role and to really push forward the vision of BiSHA and skater hockey within the UK, I can’t wait to get started and to help grow and develop our sport, I have some really exciting plans and ideas moving forward and i really want to make officiating an exciting element to our game for our current and future officials"

If you have any questions or queries please message us directly or visit


Quarter 2 Board Update

15th July 2020

BISHA 2020 Quarter 2 Report

BISHA Members,

Following the achievements seen in Quarter 1 the board have continued to make further progress during the Spring, the 'Return to Rink ' plans are currently at the forefront of our thinking, which I am sure many of you are keen to see happen soon. This is a strategy which we intend to implement swiftly and above all safely. We intend to deliver this under the guidance of our incoming National TD and Health & Safety Officer who will have the remit of overseeing Covid policy We are shortly due to share an update on the latest BISHA Covid situation as well as a guide to support BISHA, Clubs and Members, this is currently in final review prior to release.

Whilst in lockdown the board have continued to meet regularly and directly tackle areas of the sport head on. Below are some of the highlights from Q2:


  • Club arrears from last season have been cleared
  • Company House has been updated with the new BISHA Directors


  • Two vacancies have been created (IISHF Ambassador & National Technical Director)
  • Identification of further positions (to be advertised soon)
  • BISHA Recruitment/Hiring Policy produced and signed off by The Board


  • Supported the re-planning of 2020 European Club/Country participation
  • European Championship Livestream Event
      • Technical & Sponsorship Regulations have been agreed
      • Exploration of BISHA 2021 Event (u/19, Women or Vets)

Health & Safety

  • Covid (Return to Rink)
      • Continued alignment with Sport England, BRSF & IISHF
      • Ongoing Covid communications to stakeholders & membership
      • Production of BISHA Covid Guide
  • DBS Policy Review


  • Production of Marketing & Rebranding Strategy
      • Calendar of communications
      • Review of marketing channels
      • Generation of new artwork and collateral
      • Assessment of potential external resources to support
  • Production of Stakeholder Survey

Ahead of us in Q3 there are three immediate priorities which we will focus upon. The recruitment of new faces for our vacant positions and the identification/advertising of further roles. Implementation and monitoring of the 'Return to Rink' policy is essential to for our whole BISHA community. Last but not least is to assess the feasibility of GB hosting a IISHF Tournament for the first time in 16 years, this is very much something the Board would be very proud to deliver for our members. To progress this we are required to form a working group, who will explore this opportunity for board approval and submission of the application in September to the IISHF.

Finally, if you wish to make a difference to the 'New BISHA' and get involved, then please channel this interest via your Club Stakeholder Rep.

Stay Safe BISHA Members

The BISHA Board


COVID Update

15th July 2020

COVID-19: BISHA Update 

Dear Members 

Following a board review of the Covid-19 situation and based upon the Government’s ongoing plan to ease social restrictions, the following has been concluded.

Changes to the 2020 season 

We have plans to return to competition on the 22nd of August. This will be a tournament format and will complete the season in the available time. The specific format details will be shared via your stakeholder committee member. 

We will follow government and Sport England guidance on ‘Returning to Play’ and have provided frameworks and guidance for your clubs via your stakeholder members. We have also released our venue protocols to ensure required social restrictions are preserved. Please contact your stakeholder committee member for referenced guidance and documentation. 

BISHA are committed to bringing hockey back to you as soon as possible in a safe environment for members. 

IISHF Competitions 

Please refer to the most recent IISHF communication released 28th June and available online; 

BISHA’s continued activity during restrictions Since the last quarterly report we have cleared the club’s arears from last season, updated the new directors of BISHA on company’s house, developed a recruitment policy and opened vacancies in two pivotal roles, there is the ongoing involvement with the IISHF livestreaming project and the development of an exciting marketing strategy which outlines a step change in the organisation a supports the vision for our sport. 

To get involved and help shape the future then please refer to the opportunities shared with your club’s stakeholder via email or go to our website and social media platforms, you can also reach out directly if you would like join the new team! Kind regards 

The BISHA Board 


Bisha Jobs update

22nd June 2020

This week BISHA have two important and pivotal roles to offer our current members and prospective membership. We are seeking individuals keen to make a difference and be part of the new organisation to support our ambitious plans to rebuild / grow the sport.

The first role is the BISHA National TD position which is primarily responsible for the delivery of the BISHA Calendar of events and ensuring they are facilitated in accordance with the sports constitution and rules. Our second role is the current BISHA IISHF Ambassador position which acts as a liaison point between BISHA and the International Governing Body (IISHF). The role will be responsible for carrying the BISHA vote for any sport/rule amendments and there will be a small amount of overseas travel required throughout the year. Both role profiles will be loaded in the coming days.

Following the announcement of the new roles we say thank you to Dee for her dedication to both BISHA & IISHF over the last decade. We are keen to retain Dee within the sport and we are currently exploring the possibility of Dee contributing to the next chapter by spearheading the BISHA vets programme."

Please visit our Jobs page for more information


Covid-19 Situation Update

19th April 2020

Please see the latest Covid-19 situation update from BISHA. If you have any questions or queries please contact Steve Dickinson or message us directly

Stay safe, Stay at home.


COVID -19 BISHA Update v2

1st April 2020

Please see the latest BISHA update in relation the the 2020 League


COVID - 19 BISHA Update

13th March 2020

BISHA Members,

Just a very brief update from us in relation to our position in relation to COVID-19.

The intention of BISHA is to fall in line with guidance from the Government on sporting events. We have shared the current IISHF position, however, due to the IISHF policy spanning multiple Countries we may need to take remedial action which is more aligned to local needs here in the UK. We also need to consider the stretch on our organisation during this period to ensure we place the well-being of members first.

The “Reynoldson Cup” will still continue this weekend and there has been a lot of work gone into the planning of this event both on and off rink, we will recognise individuals over the weekend. Whilst on the subject of recognition we would like to thank Dave Edmondson at the Bordon Rink who has made venue adjustments to accommodate the tournament. Over the next 24 hours please stay close to our regular communication channels for any further updates.

The next item on our BISHA calendar is the launch of our league schedule which has been set and communicated with league stakeholder members, but once again we cannot overlook the fact we may need to postpone.

Lastly we would like to take this opportunity to flag that we are still trying to fill a Safeguarding Officer role for the sport which is being covered by Board members at present. The role profile for this position will be reposted on this site shortly, in the interim if you are interested or would like to be involved with working with BISHA in other capacities then please escalate this via your club stakeholder committee member

Kind regards




5th February 2020

Team GB U19 enter the BISHA 2020 Senior league again. The rules for the team entry and players are as follows.

 - Players who are eligible, qualified or invited by TEAM GB Coaches or management can play for the GB U19 league team.

- 2020 team will see players who are over age play in the league team but this is subject to TEAM GB coaching and management confirmation. This will be for players who are in their first year of over age only.

- Players MUST play for their home club if playing against TEAM GB U19.

This is a great opportunity to be considered for the GB Squad and for the U19 team to step into the senior league, We also hope this will create a smooth transition from U19 to Senior GB. If you want to be considered for any of the GB Squads please contact


EGM Minutes

22nd January 2020

BISHA Members,

The outcomes of the BISHA EGM in December 2019 have now been finalised!

Changes proposed at the EGM have now been given the required 6-week consideration period for all major decisions and as such are formally approved.

We would still like to highlight that all clubs remain able to;

  1. Review the changes and let us know if you have any a) questions, b) concerns, c) suggestions that you feel the group need to consider. (See attached EGM ‘Minutes’ and ‘Presentation and Outcomes’)
  1. Help us ensure the clubs identify the right person to represent their club’s views to BISHA. (Formal confirmation of stakeholder committee member)
  1. Give some thought to where and how you or your club can contribute to the running of the sport - we can do this well if we all help. (See attached ‘Organisation Structure and Role Descriptions’)

We are keen to expand the organisation, with more hands making lighter work, and increasing the organisations capacity to deliver great hockey at all levels! We are looking to drive participation at the grassroots and have an intense desire to put the British teams and clubs back at the European top table!

· If there are any roles in which you are interested, skilled, knowledgeable or professional please register your interest within.

· We will welcome any contribution no matter how small to any role (1 hour per day/month/year that you are happy to dedicate we would warmly welcome)

· We would also offer the opportunity to register experience for a CV or professional vocation

· Or time for educational projects in for example sports science, events management, project/team management, coaching, safe guarding and welfare, human resources, finance, marketing and technology etc.

Please share this within your own clubs and with anyone you feel may have an interest in being involved. Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions in relation to the above or the sport in general.

Kind Regards

Steven Dickinson

BISHA Hockey ltd: Chief Executive of Operations

M +44 (0)7590 599 572 E


EGM Outcomes

16th December 2019

Dear BiSHA Members

Following a successful British National Championships (it was great to see it so well attended with crowds for all age groups), we would like to update you on the recent EGM held in Borden on 7th December 2019. Following AGM in July, we have listened to our members and the intention is to be more transparent and inclusive going forward.

The meeting was well attended (15 people) from a wide range of clubs and officials too. We also received input via email from some of the clubs who were not able to attend on the day.

The purpose was to review proposals that had been prepared by the BiSHA Working Group set up after our AGM, looking at how we can organise and strengthen the association going forward. We are pleased to say that there was very healthy debate and discussions on the various points (see attached slides), and we were able to get consensus on some of the important changes needed.

As a result, we have now identified a new organisation structure, more people to help, and a significant mandate to proceed with the changes. We will as a matter of procedure publish these suggestions to ensure we allow the required 6-week consideration period for all major decisions, after which the changes will be ratified formally. We are therefore asking you to:

  1. Review the changes and let us know if you have any a) questions, b) concerns, c) suggestions that you feel the group need to consider.
  2. Help us ensure the clubs identify the right person to represent their club’s views to BiSHA
  3. Give some thought to where and how you can contribute to the running of the sport - we can only do this if we all help.

Your feedback needs to reach us on or before the 18th January 2020.

We recognise that our sport has faced many challenges in recent years, but we feel optimistic that these positive steps will move us forward and ensure we continue to enjoy the sport we all love.

We look forward to your feedback and contributions.

All our thanks.

Dee and the BiSHA Board.

To download the presentation go to Media => Documents and you will see it here


EGM Agenda

3rd December 2019

The Agenda and outcomes for the EGM are as follows:

1. Welcome – Dee Dalton

2. The key challenges facing our sport and an overview of the review we have undertaken - Dee Dalton & Mike Paton

3. The suggested new organisational structure and reason for it, slides to be shown at the meeting for discussion & how to progress – Steve Dickinson

4. The role and contribution of the clubs and the new stakeholder committee – this was previously agreed and now the practical workings need ratification i.e. the registration process and who will start on this committee.

5. The principle changes and implications for our Memorandum and Articles of Association. This needs ratification by solicitors once changes are agreed in principle – Dee Dalton

6. Suggested immediate focus / considerations to prepare for 2020 and developing a new strategy for BiSHA. – Simon Price, Mike Paton & Steve Dickinson

7. Leadership positions to get us started – restate key contribution required and then vote for each role – Dee Dalton

  • We would encourage that parties give an expression of interest / nominations before the meeting if at possible.
  • We are only focusing on the director roles; the reminder of the organisation will be confirmed following the EGM.
  • We will need to allow for someone in the role, even if it’s only on a temporary / interim basis to get things moving.
  • This vote will be confirmed along with the stakeholder committee representatives (in their first formal contribution under the new structure, if agreed)

8. Thanks, and close – Dee Dalton


BiSHA EGM - Saturday 7th December

2nd December 2019

Following the AGM earlier in the year a working group was formed to help start to re-shape BiSHA, change the memorandum and articles of association. During a series of talks we have a series of suggested changes that now requires the input of the BiSHA membership in order to help us move forward in a direction that is right for BiSHA and our members.

An email was sent a few weeks ago advising of the EGM, which will be held at Bordon Roller Rink Saturday 7th December between 13:00 and 15:00.

We hope to see as many of you there as possible or at least one member from each club to get your input on how we move forward, in the same direction for the purpose of rebuilding, reshaping and reinvigorating our sport.


BiSHA Nationals - Danny Tocher staring for Chippy

26th November 2019

Earlier this week BiSHA officials were notified of a medical issue with the netminder who had to undergo emergency surgery and as a result would not be able to take their rightful spot at the nationals. This lead to a request to see if a new netminder could be sourced if they could take their spot. 

Taking the approach of force majeure, BiSHA took the decision to allow this swapping of netminders to take place. Danny Tocher of Borehamwood Crusasders has kindly stepped into the difficult task of filling some mighty shoes and enabling there to still be a four team U19's competition. 

We understand that this decision may not suit and fit all teams in and around the competition, however given the urgent medial needs, Chippy not having a second or a U16 age netminder who can step up but we did not, wish for a team to be forced to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances. 


Nationals Players Eligibility

27th September 2019

At the start of the season we issued a notice to all teams confirming that in order to qualify for Mens playoffs and U19, 16 and 13's Nationals all players would need to reach a 40% games played to reach eligibility. 

In recent weeks teams have pulled out of playing games removing the opportunity for players who would have played their respective games giving them the ability to play in the BiSHA Nationals, Playoffs and Mens Finals for the Elizabeth Cup.  Therefore as a result of this BiSHA Management have come to the decision as follows. 

Teams who have pulled out and forfeit games their players will not have been recorded as playing those games. 

Teams who have won their game 5 - F as a result of the forefit we can only assume that the players in these teams would have played, and therefore as a result should not, and cannot reasonably be punished for this and as a result will have been recorded as playing those games. 

This may not be reflected on the website and the games played stats due to a limit of the data engine that drives the stats.  This is something that we will look to address for next season. 

If you have a query over if your own team players eligible status please contact us. 


Liz Jeffries - President, General Secretary and Memberships Secretary resigns...

9th July 2019

Yesterday Liz Jefferies wrote to Bisha Hockey Limited to tender her immediate resignation from both the company board and management team, as President, general secretary and membership secretary. As such and in accordance to the company structure Dee Dalton as Vice President has been promoted to President, with immediate effect.

We want to thank Liz for all her hard work and dedication that she has given to the sport of Skater Hockey, since joining the ESHA committee under the then British Skater Hockey Association, through to the British Inline Skater Hockey Association, to its formation to Bisha Hockey Limited, as we know the sport today.

Liz has worked tirelessly for the betterment of the sport, taking no salary during her work with Bisha, and her knowledge and love for the sport will be hard to replace within both the board and management team. We know that she had put her heart and soul into Skater Hockey and we thank her for all the work she has done, we want to ensure her that the sport will continue in her absence and continue with all the work she has put into the game.

We are aware that Liz played a big function in the administration of the sport within her roles, and as we look to replace her, we ensure you that it is business as usual for the sport of Skater Hockey and Bisha Hockey.

We would ask at this time if anyone would like to come forward to help in any capacity, please e-mail to have a informal discussion.

Thank you, Liz, you have been awesome.


Strategy Meeting

5th July 2019

Good Afternoon,

As part of my new role within BISHA, I would like to invite our members to a strategy meeting on the 28 September to look at the long term strategy of Skater Hockey and how and where we want to go with the sport. Due to the venue I have had to limit this to 40 people. I would encourage at least one person from each club to attend and we will be looking at items as below.

  • Recruitment and Development
  • National League
  • Widening Participation
  • Coaching

I am open to looking at other strategy points if I have missed any which members would like to have put onto the schedule. This will be a round table event where every ones input will be taken on board and will help me shape the sport during this new change to BISHA.

If you wish to come please book onto the event here

I look forward to seeing you then,



25% off for BISHA Members to AHDUK training camps

21st June 2019

AHDUK have agreed that any BISHA member that attends their August training camp will receive a 25% discount. Please see below for all the details. AHDUK’s Inline Hockey Camp in association with Warrior UK and Blue Line Sports provides game-changing instruction, in a fun and supportive atmosphere designed to develop skills and improve each player's enjoyment of the game. Our Goal is to deliver an exceptional camp experience to every participant by providing them with a fun, safe, and supportive environment where they will improve their abilities, leadership skills, and enjoyment of hockey. Hard work and respect will be reinforced always.


• Playing at U12 – U17 age groups

• Good level of skating ability

• Good level of basic hockey skills

Camp Overview

• 4 hours rink time each day

• A focus on ERROR DETECTION & CORRECTION to develop the skills needed to succeed next season.

• INSTRUCTORS who can encourage players to step out of their comfort zone.

• Advance skating techniques for first step speed, agility & explosive acceleration• Develop and enhance fundamental skills sets• Teach the correct techniques for skill development

• Develop game changing skills through challenging and competitive small area drills and games

• 1.5 hrs daily Dry land training designed to develop speed, agility and quickness 

• Free personalised camp jersey

• All this for only £150.00 per person loyalty and a 5% sibling discounts available for existing AHDUK customers

• Places are limited to 35 participants bookings will be taken on a first come basis.

Where & When?

Bordon Roller Rink, Price Phillips Barracks, Budds Lane, Borden, GU35 0JE

August: 13th - 15th 

Timings: 09:00 - 17:00

If you have any questions please email; Alternatively call Pete on 07803 558254.


BiSHA heads back to Hatfield

3rd April 2019

As the weekend fast approaches BiSHA are heading back to Hatfield Leisure Centre this weekend where we see the return of the Mens Division Two teams go at it once more and the Hawks start their season. 

Will the Assassins keep killing off the competition or will the Hurricanes blow them away? Can the Hylanders slay the knights how will the LK Bandits fair in their inaugural season

Get involved!!

For more details about the Hatfield Leisure Centre please see

We're looking forward to an action packed weekend and look forward to seeing you all there


Message from the Mutts

18th March 2019

The Mid Suffolk Mutts Skater Hockey Club had the pleasure of going to Hatfield Leisure Centre to watch some of BISHA’s best teams battle it out in their allocated league. It was a true inspiration for our novice club to see the quality and speed of the young players coming through the ranks of the south region.

Just so you know who we are, the Mutts were formed in January 2019 to bring Skater Hockey to Suffolk. We have made it accessible to all by funding protective kit and promoting the sport across the region. Within two months we found a home, built up a plan and recruited 18 Peewee’s all learning to skate and play the sport.

99% of our 18 players had never seen the game of skater hockey played in real life, so when the lovely Liz and Jan invited us down we jumped at the chance.

I was lucky enough to play against teams like, B’Wood and The Warriors when BISHA had a premier league. So on the road trip down from Suffolk I had the chance to tell a few stories about team clashes and personal triumphs (unfortunately there were more clash stories about other teams than my personal triumphs ☹).

Our team rocked up to the venue to stands rammed with fans ready for the first game. All the Mutts squeezed in and watched three games of fast, physical hockey, which was a perfect illustration for new young players. Our newly appointed goalie was focused on every net minder movement, position, and celebrated every save, whilst all our other players were getting excited by the speed of play, the matching kits, and some big hits.
We even had parents asking if they could play due to the excitement of watching the sport.

I was stupidly impressed by the quality of the play, there is always a few players that stand out from the crowd but each team showed graft and heart and played hard for the club badge on the front of their jerseys.

Mutts are constantly working on teamwork and respect, not just simply by understanding the passing and movement of the game but by supporting each other on and off the pitch as well as respecting other teams. It was great to see each team proudly shake hands and promote pure sportsmanship.

I could not wish for a better morning to inspire young players to play Skater Hockey.

From all the Mutts we would like to say thank you for your support and guidance whilst setting up the club as well constantly pushing a highly addictive and awesome sport.

Kind regards

Joel Millerchip

Mid Suffolk Mutts Skater Hockey Club.

Mutts enjoying Knights -v- Warriors

Next League day

12th March 2019

Our next League day is 17th March at Hatfield Leisure Centre, teams on show include London Knightz, Oxford, Medway and London Street Warriors

New Season start

6th March 2019

Come on down to Bordon Roller RInk this Sunday 10th March, for the start of the new season. Teams in action include Crusader Saracens and Kings, Oxford Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Cyclones, AHDUK, Brighton Stormers and South Coast Bandits.

Team GB showcase Inline Hockey at Moulsham Infants School, Chelmsford

5th June 2015

Team GB went on the road and showcased Inline Hockey at Moulsham Infants School in Chelmsford, who made us very welcome - thank you.

The first part of the afternoon was a quick intro from me, some hockey video footage, dressing one of the children in full hockey kit and a quick round of questions for the children to answer. Next Team GB Fitness Coach Thomas Worsfold took the children out into the sun and gave them some running and hockey exercises to do. Finally before our demo match the children did a little stick work and beat the netminder challenge.

It was a great afternoon, enjoyed by all and we received some fantastic feedback from Moulsham School.

Thank you to the Chelmsford Hylanders & Parents for supporting Team GB with the event and I hope a few pee-wee players begin to materialise as a result. It's that time of year when School's welcome sports clubs to join Summer Fete's etc and I'd urge clubs to get involved and if feasible Team GB will support too!

A special mention to the below players for their efforts today:

Brandon Ayliffe
Jude Ayling
Frankie Clover
Brandon Cronin
Lawrence Reffell
Ben Solder
George Taylor
Lee Thorlby

Thank you!

Tony Knock
Team GB U/19 Head Coach