Quarter 2 Board Update

15th July 2020

BISHA 2020 Quarter 2 Report

BISHA Members,

Following the achievements seen in Quarter 1 the board have continued to make further progress during the Spring, the 'Return to Rink ' plans are currently at the forefront of our thinking, which I am sure many of you are keen to see happen soon. This is a strategy which we intend to implement swiftly and above all safely. We intend to deliver this under the guidance of our incoming National TD and Health & Safety Officer who will have the remit of overseeing Covid policy We are shortly due to share an update on the latest BISHA Covid situation as well as a guide to support BISHA, Clubs and Members, this is currently in final review prior to release.

Whilst in lockdown the board have continued to meet regularly and directly tackle areas of the sport head on. Below are some of the highlights from Q2:


  • Club arrears from last season have been cleared
  • Company House has been updated with the new BISHA Directors


  • Two vacancies have been created (IISHF Ambassador & National Technical Director)
  • Identification of further positions (to be advertised soon)
  • BISHA Recruitment/Hiring Policy produced and signed off by The Board


  • Supported the re-planning of 2020 European Club/Country participation
  • European Championship Livestream Event
      • Technical & Sponsorship Regulations have been agreed
      • Exploration of BISHA 2021 Event (u/19, Women or Vets)

Health & Safety

  • Covid (Return to Rink)
      • Continued alignment with Sport England, BRSF & IISHF
      • Ongoing Covid communications to stakeholders & membership
      • Production of BISHA Covid Guide
  • DBS Policy Review


  • Production of Marketing & Rebranding Strategy
      • Calendar of communications
      • Review of marketing channels
      • Generation of new artwork and collateral
      • Assessment of potential external resources to support
  • Production of Stakeholder Survey

Ahead of us in Q3 there are three immediate priorities which we will focus upon. The recruitment of new faces for our vacant positions and the identification/advertising of further roles. Implementation and monitoring of the 'Return to Rink' policy is essential to for our whole BISHA community. Last but not least is to assess the feasibility of GB hosting a IISHF Tournament for the first time in 16 years, this is very much something the Board would be very proud to deliver for our members. To progress this we are required to form a working group, who will explore this opportunity for board approval and submission of the application in September to the IISHF.

Finally, if you wish to make a difference to the 'New BISHA' and get involved, then please channel this interest via your Club Stakeholder Rep.

Stay Safe BISHA Members

The BISHA Board