COVID - 19 BISHA Update

13th March 2020

BISHA Members,

Just a very brief update from us in relation to our position in relation to COVID-19.

The intention of BISHA is to fall in line with guidance from the Government on sporting events. We have shared the current IISHF position, however, due to the IISHF policy spanning multiple Countries we may need to take remedial action which is more aligned to local needs here in the UK. We also need to consider the stretch on our organisation during this period to ensure we place the well-being of members first.

The “Reynoldson Cup” will still continue this weekend and there has been a lot of work gone into the planning of this event both on and off rink, we will recognise individuals over the weekend. Whilst on the subject of recognition we would like to thank Dave Edmondson at the Bordon Rink who has made venue adjustments to accommodate the tournament. Over the next 24 hours please stay close to our regular communication channels for any further updates.

The next item on our BISHA calendar is the launch of our league schedule which has been set and communicated with league stakeholder members, but once again we cannot overlook the fact we may need to postpone.

Lastly we would like to take this opportunity to flag that we are still trying to fill a Safeguarding Officer role for the sport which is being covered by Board members at present. The role profile for this position will be reposted on this site shortly, in the interim if you are interested or would like to be involved with working with BISHA in other capacities then please escalate this via your club stakeholder committee member

Kind regards