EGM Minutes

22nd January 2020

BISHA Members,

The outcomes of the BISHA EGM in December 2019 have now been finalised!

Changes proposed at the EGM have now been given the required 6-week consideration period for all major decisions and as such are formally approved.

We would still like to highlight that all clubs remain able to;

  1. Review the changes and let us know if you have any a) questions, b) concerns, c) suggestions that you feel the group need to consider. (See attached EGM ‘Minutes’ and ‘Presentation and Outcomes’)
  1. Help us ensure the clubs identify the right person to represent their club’s views to BISHA. (Formal confirmation of stakeholder committee member)
  1. Give some thought to where and how you or your club can contribute to the running of the sport - we can do this well if we all help. (See attached ‘Organisation Structure and Role Descriptions’)

We are keen to expand the organisation, with more hands making lighter work, and increasing the organisations capacity to deliver great hockey at all levels! We are looking to drive participation at the grassroots and have an intense desire to put the British teams and clubs back at the European top table!

· If there are any roles in which you are interested, skilled, knowledgeable or professional please register your interest within.

· We will welcome any contribution no matter how small to any role (1 hour per day/month/year that you are happy to dedicate we would warmly welcome)

· We would also offer the opportunity to register experience for a CV or professional vocation

· Or time for educational projects in for example sports science, events management, project/team management, coaching, safe guarding and welfare, human resources, finance, marketing and technology etc.

Please share this within your own clubs and with anyone you feel may have an interest in being involved. Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions in relation to the above or the sport in general.

Kind Regards

Steven Dickinson

BISHA Hockey ltd: Chief Executive of Operations

M +44 (0)7590 599 572 E