EGM Outcomes

16th December 2019

Dear BiSHA Members

Following a successful British National Championships (it was great to see it so well attended with crowds for all age groups), we would like to update you on the recent EGM held in Borden on 7th December 2019. Following AGM in July, we have listened to our members and the intention is to be more transparent and inclusive going forward.

The meeting was well attended (15 people) from a wide range of clubs and officials too. We also received input via email from some of the clubs who were not able to attend on the day.

The purpose was to review proposals that had been prepared by the BiSHA Working Group set up after our AGM, looking at how we can organise and strengthen the association going forward. We are pleased to say that there was very healthy debate and discussions on the various points (see attached slides), and we were able to get consensus on some of the important changes needed.

As a result, we have now identified a new organisation structure, more people to help, and a significant mandate to proceed with the changes. We will as a matter of procedure publish these suggestions to ensure we allow the required 6-week consideration period for all major decisions, after which the changes will be ratified formally. We are therefore asking you to:

  1. Review the changes and let us know if you have any a) questions, b) concerns, c) suggestions that you feel the group need to consider.
  2. Help us ensure the clubs identify the right person to represent their club’s views to BiSHA
  3. Give some thought to where and how you can contribute to the running of the sport - we can only do this if we all help.

Your feedback needs to reach us on or before the 18th January 2020.

We recognise that our sport has faced many challenges in recent years, but we feel optimistic that these positive steps will move us forward and ensure we continue to enjoy the sport we all love.

We look forward to your feedback and contributions.

All our thanks.

Dee and the BiSHA Board.

To download the presentation go to Media => Documents and you will see it here