EGM Agenda

3rd December 2019

The Agenda and outcomes for the EGM are as follows:

1. Welcome – Dee Dalton

2. The key challenges facing our sport and an overview of the review we have undertaken - Dee Dalton & Mike Paton

3. The suggested new organisational structure and reason for it, slides to be shown at the meeting for discussion & how to progress – Steve Dickinson

4. The role and contribution of the clubs and the new stakeholder committee – this was previously agreed and now the practical workings need ratification i.e. the registration process and who will start on this committee.

5. The principle changes and implications for our Memorandum and Articles of Association. This needs ratification by solicitors once changes are agreed in principle – Dee Dalton

6. Suggested immediate focus / considerations to prepare for 2020 and developing a new strategy for BiSHA. – Simon Price, Mike Paton & Steve Dickinson

7. Leadership positions to get us started – restate key contribution required and then vote for each role – Dee Dalton

  • We would encourage that parties give an expression of interest / nominations before the meeting if at possible.
  • We are only focusing on the director roles; the reminder of the organisation will be confirmed following the EGM.
  • We will need to allow for someone in the role, even if it’s only on a temporary / interim basis to get things moving.
  • This vote will be confirmed along with the stakeholder committee representatives (in their first formal contribution under the new structure, if agreed)

8. Thanks, and close – Dee Dalton