BiSHA Nationals - Danny Tocher staring for Chippy

26th November 2019

Earlier this week BiSHA officials were notified of a medical issue with the netminder who had to undergo emergency surgery and as a result would not be able to take their rightful spot at the nationals. This lead to a request to see if a new netminder could be sourced if they could take their spot. 

Taking the approach of force majeure, BiSHA took the decision to allow this swapping of netminders to take place. Danny Tocher of Borehamwood Crusasders has kindly stepped into the difficult task of filling some mighty shoes and enabling there to still be a four team U19's competition. 

We understand that this decision may not suit and fit all teams in and around the competition, however given the urgent medial needs, Chippy not having a second or a U16 age netminder who can step up but we did not, wish for a team to be forced to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances.