Nationals Players Eligibility

27th September 2019

At the start of the season we issued a notice to all teams confirming that in order to qualify for Mens playoffs and U19, 16 and 13's Nationals all players would need to reach a 40% games played to reach eligibility. 

In recent weeks teams have pulled out of playing games removing the opportunity for players who would have played their respective games giving them the ability to play in the BiSHA Nationals, Playoffs and Mens Finals for the Elizabeth Cup.  Therefore as a result of this BiSHA Management have come to the decision as follows. 

Teams who have pulled out and forfeit games their players will not have been recorded as playing those games. 

Teams who have won their game 5 - F as a result of the forefit we can only assume that the players in these teams would have played, and therefore as a result should not, and cannot reasonably be punished for this and as a result will have been recorded as playing those games. 

This may not be reflected on the website and the games played stats due to a limit of the data engine that drives the stats.  This is something that we will look to address for next season. 

If you have a query over if your own team players eligible status please contact us.