Liz Jeffries - President, General Secretary and Memberships Secretary resigns...

9th July 2019

Yesterday Liz Jefferies wrote to Bisha Hockey Limited to tender her immediate resignation from both the company board and management team, as President, general secretary and membership secretary. As such and in accordance to the company structure Dee Dalton as Vice President has been promoted to President, with immediate effect.

We want to thank Liz for all her hard work and dedication that she has given to the sport of Skater Hockey, since joining the ESHA committee under the then British Skater Hockey Association, through to the British Inline Skater Hockey Association, to its formation to Bisha Hockey Limited, as we know the sport today.

Liz has worked tirelessly for the betterment of the sport, taking no salary during her work with Bisha, and her knowledge and love for the sport will be hard to replace within both the board and management team. We know that she had put her heart and soul into Skater Hockey and we thank her for all the work she has done, we want to ensure her that the sport will continue in her absence and continue with all the work she has put into the game.

We are aware that Liz played a big function in the administration of the sport within her roles, and as we look to replace her, we ensure you that it is business as usual for the sport of Skater Hockey and Bisha Hockey.

We would ask at this time if anyone would like to come forward to help in any capacity, please e-mail to have a informal discussion.

Thank you, Liz, you have been awesome.