Team GB showcase Inline Hockey at Moulsham Infants School, Chelmsford

5th June 2015

Team GB went on the road and showcased Inline Hockey at Moulsham Infants School in Chelmsford, who made us very welcome - thank you.

The first part of the afternoon was a quick intro from me, some hockey video footage, dressing one of the children in full hockey kit and a quick round of questions for the children to answer. Next Team GB Fitness Coach Thomas Worsfold took the children out into the sun and gave them some running and hockey exercises to do. Finally before our demo match the children did a little stick work and beat the netminder challenge.

It was a great afternoon, enjoyed by all and we received some fantastic feedback from Moulsham School.

Thank you to the Chelmsford Hylanders & Parents for supporting Team GB with the event and I hope a few pee-wee players begin to materialise as a result. It's that time of year when School's welcome sports clubs to join Summer Fete's etc and I'd urge clubs to get involved and if feasible Team GB will support too!

A special mention to the below players for their efforts today:

Brandon Ayliffe
Jude Ayling
Frankie Clover
Brandon Cronin
Lawrence Reffell
Ben Solder
George Taylor
Lee Thorlby

Thank you!

Tony Knock
Team GB U/19 Head Coach