BISHA Announce 2015 National Championships

August 20

BISHA are please to announce the 31st British National Championships.  All the details are listed below.

Youth and Senior Plate: 14/15th November Lutterworth. 

 Places as follows 

 BISHA South 3 places 

 BISHA SE 3 places 

 BISHA North 2 places 

8 team Youth Nationals, with a 6 team senior plate ( 2 teams from each region, North, SE and SW) 

Peewee and Junior: 21/22nd November Lutterworth. 

 Places as follows Peewee 

 BISHA South 2 places 

 BISHA SE 4 places 

 BISHA N 2 places 


 BISHA S 3 places 

 BISHA SE 3 places 

 8 team peewee and 6 team junior nationals.

 Senior Nationals, 5/6th December Bisley 

 BISHA S E 6 places 

 BISHA SW 3 places 

 BISHA N 2 places 12 team tournament. 

 The remaining place to be taken from the Plate competition