Transfer Rules

May 11

Just a reminder about the rules regarding transfers, Nationals etc for this season.

This extract from the attached guidelines explains the rules, which have not changed from last season.


Players may only transfer once per half season, and Nationals qualification takes effect from the final transfer. Goalkeepers may transfer without restriction, but the transfer fee increases with each transfer, ie 1st transfer £20, 2nd transfer £40 and so on.

Transfer forms should be completed and the release signed off by the team manager or captain, before forwarding to the Regional Membership secretary. There is absolutely no reason for refusing to sign off a player, unless the player owes a debt to the club. It is possible for the club to negotiate a repayment plan with the player, who can have their membership suspended if the player defaults. Refusal to settle a debt will result in suspension at the clubs request.

Players should be made aware that debts to clubs can be enforced by suspension.

Players should be made aware that if they decide to stop playing for a club, even if they are transferring to another team and the release has been signed, they should

put their resignation from the club in writing and either send by recorded delivery or deliver by hand. They should also keep a copy of the letter for their records. This will give the player a date from which their Membership of the club, and any financial obligations, ceases.


Membership fees may be reduced on 1st September each year, with the exception of transfers and age option fees, at the discretion of BISHA. New memberships taken after this date should be checked with the BISHA Membership director for the current seasons policy on reduced fees.

Any player registering to play abroad must pay full Membership.

Players only have to be registered to the team for Nationals qualification, irrespective of whether they are there to play a game. (This is partly to allow for injuries etc, but also it is deemed that he can be playing for no other BISHA team and so eligibility is not in question.) Nationals qualification is currently 40% of total league games for that age group.

For the Youth League, this will mean 40% of the total games over both legs of the League, ie 14 or 15 games depending on division. The qualifying period following final transfer results in 6 games in both cases due to round up rule.