November 29

BISHA should have had an AGM by the end of November this year, but due to International and Nationals commitments etc, it hasn't been possible to arrange one in time. Furthermore, for the last four years at least, the AGM has been poorly attended and we did wonder whether the cost of holding a meeting with the BISHA Board outnumbering the attendees was no longer cost effective.

Therefore, I am attaching the Company Accounts that would have been provided at the meeting, and advise that it is our intention to hold an interim "virtual" AGM where questions can be answered by email. As there was very limited attendance ( only two members ), and there were no alterations to the Mem and Arts and no one willing to stand for the Committee, there is no point in including any minutes from the meeting. I am listing below the current Board set up and those in current positions. To remind you, the BISHA Board is made up of two entities, The Board of Directors, who are those registered at Companies House and are responsible for running Bishahockey Ltd as a Company, and a Management Committee who are responsible for running the actual sport. These are the present incumbents:

Board of Directors:

President; Liz Jeffries

Financial Director: Gary Jeffries

Vice President: Jan DIckinson

Management Committee:

Appointed Positions:

Technical Manager: Dee Dalton

Webmaster: Jay Blackburn

Membership Secretary: Liz Jeffries

General Secretary: Liz Jeffries

Elected and Co-Opted Positions:

International Liaison: Dee Dalton

Promotions and Marketing: Jay Blackburn

Tournaments and Events: Jan Dickinson

Regions and Leagues: Vacant

Officials Representative: Shaun Ryan

Disciplinary Officer: Adrian Martin

General Committee: Dave Birch

General Committee: Karen Bailey

Denise Wickert and Caroline Elliott have recently informed me that they wish to resign their Committee positions and I'd like to thank them for their service over the last few years.

Over the past few years, we have asked at AGM's for more people to step forward and take up positions on the Management Committee, but have found it very hard to get any new people involved in the team. If you are interested in joining the team, and have something positive to offer, please let us know. The following conditions apply to proposing new members:

Board of Directors: Proposed and seconded by 2 current Board Members and 5 voting members

Management Committee: Proposed and seconded by 1 current Board Member and 2 voting members

It is my intention, as it has been at the last two AGM's, to find a replacement for my Presidency, and I have come to the conclusion that I have to resign to achieve that. Therefore, I will resign at the end of 2017 and hope that will prompt someone suitable to come forward. If no one does as a result of this email, Jan DIckinson will step in as stated in the Mem and Arts. I am aware that Jan also feels we need a new President and will be hoping for a suitable candidate.

We plan to hold the meeting to discuss plans and changes for the 2017 season at the same time as an EGM, within the Mem and Arts specified timing, and depending on the response to this email. It is likely, due to Christmas, that this will be on the first available weekend in the New Year.


Liz Jeffries