GB v Denmark

October 22

GB took on a very well organised Danish team who had been looking like a force to recon with this weekend and GB went into this game with a draw against the Swiss in the morning session.

The GB team went on the attack from the 1st faceoff and took control from the offset and took a quick goal from Nathan Finney to make it 1-0 and then scored quickly after to make it 2-0 with a goal from Alex Pearman.

The GB team never looked out of control in the 1st apart from when the Danes hit the post and it rolled across the line only to be saved by goal keeper Craig Bradfield,

The GB team carried the period on with the excellent possession with Danny Hutchinson scoring, with the Danish scoring within seconds to take the score 3-1. Ronnie Paul finished the 1st half 4-1 ti GB.

The Danish started the 2nd period by changing their goal keeper and it took a while with the Danish scoring to make it 4-2. Paul Tanner then went on to score his 2nd goal making it 5-2, and once again the Danes replied to make it 5-3.

Jamie Campbell had something to say and went on to score the teams 6th goal and again the Danes replied to make it 6-4, it seemed as if a pattern was happening.

Paul Tanner finished the game by scoring the 7th and final goal finishing the game 7-4