GB v Germany

October 21

GB had a tricky second game against the German Team but went out quick from the off and scored 1st to take the game to the Germans, only for the Germans to level the game straight away. 77

The British team then took control of the game and put two more past the Germans to make the score 3-1 going into the break by taking control of the power plays that were sent their way by the Germans committing offences.

After the break Captain Mick Tanner put the GB team up by one more to 4 goals only for the GB team to take a penalty and then concede to make it 4-2.

The British team then took total control and never looked in danger of losing the game finishing 7-3, with 2 goals from Mick Tanner and Nathan Finney as well as Jamie Campbell, Pearman and Paul Tanner.

This was a completely different game from the 1st for the British team, who looked a lot more comfortable from the off, and did not look phased by the successful German team that faced them.

This was a very professional performance which saw off the German team. There is a lot more to come and they look like they are building that momentum.

Next to the Ukrainians.