GB V Holland

October 21

Team GB had their opening game this morning against the Dutch team. The British team were in control of the game from the offset, but conceded a quick first goal to go down in the 1st period. However the British team still kept control and pushed the Dutch team high up the rink and Richard Walsh scored a real long shot to make it level at 1-1.

You could see that the Dutch had a game plan that involved them sitting deep and looking for the counter, and that is exactly what happened for the second Netherlands goal, where they scored on the break and against the run of play.

The Dutch team then went one furthest and scored on the break whilst shorthanded making the score 3-1 to the Dutch team going into the interval.

The GB team came out strong and hard in the 2nd period and scored quick with a Goal from Will Crowder, assisted by Matt Tarpey to make it 3-2 in favour of the team in Orange.

GB never let up with their high possession tactic and kept a lot of the ball for most of the 2nd period and were rewarded for their persistence with a goal from Jamie Campbell, making the final score 3-3

In all it was good start that allowed the team to find their feet, next up is Germany.

Final Score