Update on National Championships

September 13

Dear all

Just to put you all in the picture about what we are trying to achieve with regard to the younger age groups. Please pass this information on to all your teams.

Midland Roller Arena could not be persuaded to change their mind about our booking, and the hours they will allow us to use have made running the tournaments untenable. BISHA have lost money ourselves on hotel bookings, and I can only apologise to any teams that are in a similar position. On balance, we have decided that pursuing the matter through the courts would be a waste of what is ultimately members money.

We are at the moment trying to secure the same dates at alternative venues, but we are at a disadvantage as the puck season has already started and the rinks are already fully booked at weekends. Rotherham and Bisley have no availability at all, the new Eastbourne rink does not want to lose a whole weekend in their peak season, and Atherton rink in Manchester, though available, has limited viewing and no showers.

Herne Bay will only allow us one tournament and needs to be booked well in advance, Bordon has limited viewing. We are looking at one or two remaining facilities, and if anyone knows of anywhere else please let us know. We would also consider sports centres with good seated viewing facilities since neither BISHA South or South East play league on a rink.

It is unfortunate that a rink can cancel an important tournament with three months notice, without any trace of responsibility to the people they are inconveniencing, it is morally very wrong. I can only apologise for the undoubted inconvenience this is going to cause to our members.