National Championships Press Release - Important

August 22

In the last few days we have been working to fix a major problem that has come into effect, not of BISHA’s doing, and as such we felt that we had better explain the current circumstances regarding the Peewee, Youth, Junior and Senior Plate competition.

After pre booking the BISHA 2016 National Championships, and after Midland Roller Arena agreeing in June to give us two whole weekends for the Nationals, they have now decided that we can only have the rink from 4pm on Saturday, as they now have a funded programme that means they need the rink from 9am to 4pm.

They are expecting us to run the Nationals from 4pm to 9pm on the Saturday, and until 9pm on the Sunday. Apart from these hours not being suitable for the age of the players involved in these tournaments, we seriously doubt whether we could fit all the games in during that period. These hours will also have a major impact on our officials, many of which volunteer their time and will have an effect on there working week.

We also do not feel that this is acceptable as a National Championships and as part of our service to our loyal members by ‘fitting’ games in, in such an unusual time frame. As such we are investigating all our options and hope to be able to inform you of details within the next week.

We are also disappointed at this due to the long and successful relationship we have had with the Midlands Roller Arena up to this point.

We would ask you to please do not to book any accommodation until we have investigated all our options, and also let us know if anyone has booked accommodation by e-mailing asap.

We must add here that this does not affect the Senior Championships at Herne Bay.

Once again we apologies for this and hope you understand that this is totally out of our control and would like to state that there will be a National Championships for Peewee, Youth and Junior age groups this year and appreciate your understanding on this matter.


BISHA Board.