IISHF Announce Rules on Goal Tender Covers

July 28

The IISHF Technical Committee hereby grants the permission to use textile covers on goalkeepers’ leg guards according to rule 5.1.3 of the “Official Rule Book 2016/2017” under the following circumstances:

• The covers must not increase the size of the leg guards significantly. Leg guards must still comply with rule 5.15.1 after applying the covers which especially means that the width of 30.5 cm must not be exceeded. • Nothing must be placed in between the leg guards and the covers • The primary purpose of the covers is either of cosmetic nature (e.g. representing team colors, team logos or advertisement) or it is to protect the leg guards from wear and damage. • The covers must not pose any threat to the venue and/or to other players.

Leg guards modified as described above are generally allowed to be used in all Inline-Skaterhockey games governed by the IISHF or any of its member associations. This permission may be withdrawn by the IISHF Technical Committee at any time.

As per rule 5.1.7 of the “Official Rule Book 2016/2017” a Technical Director, a kit check referee or a referee can disallow using a modified leg guard if the modification does not meet the requirements as stated above. Specification Type of equipment: Goalkeepers’ leg guards (rule 5.15 “Official Rule Book 2016/2017”)

Type of modification: Textile cover

Reason for modification: Display team colors, team logos or advertisement and protected equipment from wear and damage