25% off for BISHA Members to AHDUK trainning camps

Published: June 13

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BiSHA heads back to Hatfield

Published: April 3

As the weekend fast approaches BiSHA are heading back to Hatfield Leisure Centre this weekend where we see the return of the Mens Division Two teams go at it once more and the Hawks start their season. 

Will the Assassins keep killing off the competition or will the Hurricanes blow them away? Can the Hylanders slay the knights how will the LK Bandits fair in their inaugural season

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Message from the Mutts

Published: March 18

The Mid Suffolk Mutts Skater Hockey Club had the pleasure of going to Hatfield Leisure Centre to watch some of BISHA’s best teams battle it out in their allocated league. It was a true inspiration for our novice club to see the quality and speed of the young players coming through the ranks of the south region.

Just so you know who we are, the Mutts were formed in January 2019 to bring Skater Hockey to Suffolk. We have made it accessible to all by funding protective kit and promoting the sport across the region. Within two months we found a home, built up a plan and recruited 18 Peewee’s all learning to skate and play the sport.

99% of our 18 players had never seen the game of skater hockey played in real life, so when the lovely Liz and Jan invited us down we jumped at the chance.

I was lucky enough to play against teams like, B’Wood and The Warriors when BISHA had a premier league. So on the road trip down from Suffolk I had the chance to tell a few stories about team clashes and personal triumphs (unfortunately there were more clash stories about other teams than my personal triumphs ☹).

Our team rocked up to the venue to stands rammed with fans ready for the first game. All the Mutts squeezed in and watched three games of fast, physical hockey, which was a perfect illustration for new young players. Our newly appointed goalie was focused on every net minder movement, position, and celebrated every save, whilst all our other players were getting excited by the speed of play, the matching kits, and some big hits.
We even had parents asking if they could play due to the excitement of watching the sport.

I was stupidly impressed by the quality of the play, there is always a few players that stand out from the crowd but each team showed graft and heart and played hard for the club badge on the front of their jerseys.

Mutts are constantly working on teamwork and respect, not just simply by understanding the passing and movement of the game but by supporting each other on and off the pitch as well as respecting other teams. It was great to see each team proudly shake hands and promote pure sportsmanship.

I could not wish for a better morning to inspire young players to play Skater Hockey.

From all the Mutts we would like to say thank you for your support and guidance whilst setting up the club as well constantly pushing a highly addictive and awesome sport.

Kind regards

Joel Millerchip

Mid Suffolk Mutts Skater Hockey Club.

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Next League day

Published: March 12

Our next League day is 17th March at Hatfield Leisure Centre, teams on show include London Knightz, Oxford, Medway and London Street Warriors Read more…

New Season start

Published: March 6

Come on down to Bordon Roller RInk this Sunday 10th March, for the start of the new season. Teams in action include Crusader Saracens and Kings, Oxford Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Cyclones, AHDUK, Brighton Stormers and South Coast Bandits. Read more…

Team GB showcase Inline Hockey at Moulsham Infants School, Chelmsford

Published: June 5

Team GB went on the road and showcased Inline Hockey at Moulsham Infants School in Chelmsford, who made us very welcome - thank you.

The first part of the afternoon was a quick intro from me, some hockey video footage, dressing one of the children in full hockey kit and a quick round of questions for the children to answer. Next Team GB Fitness Coach Thomas Worsfold took the children out into the sun and gave them some running and hockey exercises to do. Finally before our demo match the children did a little stick work and beat the netminder challenge.

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